Business needs addressable by Macula

Making your
points-of-sale safe
and secure

Macula helps you to detect various security incidents and suspicious individuals moving in and around your company premises. It will detect various safety and health-related incidents, such as people falling, getting injured or not moving for an extended period. As a bonus, you will understand how your customers move around, how long the queues are, and where your customers wait most frequently.

Safe environment for your employees

Keeping your employees safe is priority number one. Macula can detect people moving outside of safety zones, violating safety regulations, as well as detect dangerous locations and situations for your workers, including detection of fire and smoke. Macula can monitor health and work hygiene regulations of your workplace and thus lower costs of work significantly.

Extracting various information from your multimedia

Do not leave your movies, shows and videos without description. Extract a wide range of metadata from video directly with Macula, such as detection of famous actors in movies and TV Shows, automatic recognition of movie genres, and recommendations for similar movies. Select the most interesting scenes from a movie or a sports match and keep your clients entertained.

Key benefits of Macula

Real-time people tracking and behavior understanding.

Time to action reduced to seconds.

Ability to process multiple streams in parallel.

No more security weaknesses, early warning system in place.

Streamlining the video analytics process.

Automation of video processing workflow.

Visualization and explanation of the issues detected

Keeping decision-makers in charge.

Main technical features

Modular architecture

We can customize the platform easily so that it detects the issues you are looking for.

Expandable problem detection system​

We designed a large number of detectors specialized in different types of behavior and environments.

Easy to use REST API​

The platform can be accessed by other systems easily.

On-premise, cloud or hosted options​

The platofrm can be integrated with various 3rd party systems through an extensive API.

Easy connection to your existing cameras​

Directly utilizing your existing hardware, or provisioning of compatible hardware.

How we deploy Macula

We demonstrate the required features on the provided video stream
We customize the detectors to detect (only) relevant problems
We connect the platform to your video streams or we install required hardware in place
We integrate the system into your infrastructure and your processes
We provide continuous maintenance and support

Case study: detecting anomalous behavior in a bank branch​​

Safety and security of both employees and customers is one of the focus points of bank branch managers. We connected Macula to existing security cameras capturing the space of the bank branch from differing angles. We let Macula detect anomalous movements of customers. Security analysts were providing feedback about detection and continuously taught Macula to detect desired (and undesired) situations.

The resulting solutions allowed the bank security staff to work on other tasks while notifying them about possible security and safety issues at the bank.

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